Cambridge Vineyard Church

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Who are we?

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Mark & Jude Harbour, along with their 3 children Alex (21), Matt (16) and Becki (16) moved to Cambridge in December 2017, to become Senior Pastors at Cambridge Vineyard. Having both started following Jesus as teenagers, they also soon fell in love with His church and are passionate about seeing people experience the joy of knowing Jesus and living the full life that brings. Before moving to Cambridge they had been at Coventry Vineyard for 10 years and served as Associate Pastors there. Alongside working part-time for Cambridge Vineyard, Jude is a Speech and Language Therapist and Mark runs a Training Consultancy.  

We are ordinary  people serving a n extraordinary God.

We are part of the Vineyard family of churches in the UK characterised by intimacy with God in worship and prayer; believe in the relevance of the bible today: expectant in the power of the Holy Spirit; acceptance of all; and showing compassion to all who are in need.

Four things give our church its unique character:

Passionate about God

Worshipping God is central for us. As we spend time in His presence, we come to a deeper acceptance that he loves us. We want to wholeheartedly follow after Jesus and become more like Him. We want to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit and to train every person in the church to use the gifts of the Spirit to hear God and to bring healing and wholeness to others. Prayer, reflection and practical Bible teaching are vital to the life of the church.

Living Life to the Full

Don’t ask what the world needs but ask what makes you come alive and go, do it, for what the world needs is people who have come alive
— John Eldredge

Each of us is learning and growing as we come closer to God and gradually becoming the person He made us to be.

A Loving Community

We want to be a welcoming and friendly church where everyone is known and valued. Acceptance, diversity, informality and creativity are all important to us. We want to create a safe place for individuals to grow in their faith, learn from the Bible, deepen their experience with God, and find a place to belong.

Making a Difference

We want to extend the Kingdom of God in any way we can. This means drawing others to faith in Jesus, getting involved in society, and generously serving others.